Trust is not a thing to be found in slick ad or on a store shelf. It runs deeper than that. Trust is about relationships and relationships take time. Horse Logic knows, they’ve been building relationships with equine professionals, one-on-one, for three generations. They know what horse professionals need and that’s why Pink Buckle has partnered up with them. We’re both thrilled to announce two formulas specifically designed for elite-level barrel horses!

Horses are our business. When it comes to nutritional supplements to keep them winning, we all want to be sure that our investments are sound. Horse nutrition is not a gamble, it’s science. That’s simple logic, horseman’s logic.

Pink Buckle Complete

Complete horse health support for all horses.

DigestivePRO > Promotes relaxation and reduces hyperactivity. Helps nervous, high-strung, or muscle-tight horses.

JointPRO 6in1 > Scientifically formulated six-in-one combination to maintain healthy joints and connective tissue.

HoofPRO > Use to improve cracking, crumbling or delaminating hooves.

Skin & CoatPRO > Supports healthy skin and helps improve luster in the coat.

DailyPRO > Use to maintain superior health and condition in horses of all ages.



Pink Buckle Elite

Designed for the competitive barrel horse in training and competition and features high-quality HempPRO pellets.

HempPRO utilizes Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoids to support the horse’s overall health and well-being.  With a guaranteed Phytocannabinoid content of 50-60 mg per serving, HempPRO provides effective support for equine joint health, while also supporting a healthy inflammatory response and aiding in the reduction of joint discomfort and anxiety, making it ideal for horses in training.



Redmond Equine

We love horses, so we understand that when your horse feels good, you feel good. We provide natural, effective products that let you focus on what you love about your horse without worrying about their health.




Reduces Hay Waste

Easy to Use

Improves Overall Health

University Tested / Veterinarian Approved

Best Slow Feed Hay Nets on the Market

100% Minnesota-Based Customer Service

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