Racing Sales are held in conjunction with the races. This is for horses entered in the Ruby Buckle Race.

Fees for Racing Sales

-8% commission from accepted high bid
(no commission is due if bid is not accepted)

-2% buyer’s premium paid by buyer

-No listing fee for 2023

Sidepot Payouts– All sidepots for event sales and online only sales will be paid out in 2023 at the April event in Guthrie, OK. These are completely separate from the onsite live stallion owner sale sidepot. The money for these online side pots are NOT Pink or Ruby Buckle money therefore there will be no 'stallion' or 'breeder' payouts. Instead there will be a 'consigner' payout. If ownership changes, the horse is no longer eligible for ONLINE SALES side pot (this is only applicable to ONLINE sales).

Ruby Buckle Racing Sale #1 Consignment Due - April 21st

Ruby Buckle Racing Sale #2 Consignment Due - June 17th

Ruby Buckle Racing Sale #3 Consignment Due - October 22nd