Online Sales throughout the year for Ruby or Pink Buckle eligible horses. Horses sold through the Online Certified Sales will be eligible for the Gold Buckle Horse Sale 4D Sidepot.

Sidepot Payouts– All sidepots for event sales and online only sales will be paid out in 2023 at the event. These are completely separate from the onsite live stallion owner sale sidepot.

If a horse is bought online through Gold Buckle Horse Sale that horse will now be eligible for each sidepot.

Note: If the horse is sold privately after it is bought online it does not qualify for the sidepot from that day forward.

Once your application has been accepted, the following has to be submitted by the consignment deadline or you will not be allowed in the online or event sale.

-Intake form filled out and completed.

-Professional Pictures and Video submitted.

-Listing fee paid in full

Fees for Online Certified Sales:

-8% commission from accepted high bid
(no commission is due if bid is not accepted)

-2% buyer’s premium paid by buyer

-$500 listing fee

These certified sales include a demo with a Gold Buckle Pro to verify consignor information and give a 3rd party overview of the horse.  The Gold Buckle Pro video will be posted along with the consignor video to give the bidders confidence to bid on the horses without seeing them.